There are countless options for how we can spend our retirement years. Evaluate which options fit your needs, budget and long term quality of life goals.  Learn more ›

While some senior living options may be covered under Medicare and Medicaid, others are completely private pay. Understand how to add up your total cost of living to choose the best option for you and your budget. Learn more ›

How do Medicare and Medicaid coverage work? Find out in this summary of benefits as they may not cover as much as you may think.  Learn more ›

Some people will need a full time nursing team to provide care and others only may need some assistance with daily activities. Learn the difference in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing in this quick resource tool.  Learn more ›

Some of the most commonly asked questions are answered in this FAQ. Get the answers to some basic questions about moving to skilled nursing or assisted living but may be afraid to ask here.  Learn more ›

Unless you are in a healthcare industry, some of the terms can be confusing or hard to understand. This glossary can help you understand what less commonly terms mean, so you can be better equipped to ask the right questions and know what your provider is saying.  Learn more ›

The Federal Nursing Home Reform Act provided a list of key Resident’s Rights to help protect consumers. Learn what those key rights are, so you can advocate for your loved one in a new senior living community.  Learn more ›

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