More than just a job. It's a calling.

Our caregivers are the heart of our organization, and their dedication and passion are paramount to our success. Whether through a direct caregiving role or in a support function, we are looking for people who share our dogged commitment to taking excellent care of our patients and residents. To work for Abri Health Care Services is more than a job – it’s a calling. 

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As an Abri Health Care team member, you’ll find the asset we value most is you! It’s why we offer a number of benefits to support our employees and their families.

Meet Cindy

Administrator Cindy offers her insight on the sense of community in a skilled nursing facility. She shares her inspiring vision for how her facility truly is a community partner and sheds a whole new light on life in a skilled nursing facility. 

Meet Nya

Nya came to Abri Health Care Services right out of college and now serves as the director of social services for one of our Austin facilities. Hear how she discovered her own passion for working with seniors and how her goal really is to provide a high quality of life for her patients and residents.  

Meet Shaniqua

Shaniqua began her career with Abri Health Care Services as a certified nursing assistant but had a bigger vision for her career. She went to nursing school and has become a registered nurse. Hear more about her journey in this video. 

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