The Top Gifts for Seniors 2018

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Not sure what to get for your aging parents, grandparents or loved one? Here are some useful and cool gift ideas for seniors!

Stay Warm!

All the rage, these extra snuggly blankets keep you warm – but not too warm. And not matter how many throw blankets someone has, they always can use one more!

Stylish and space saving, these single serve coffee makers are a lot less hassle than the traditional coffee pot. Plus you can get a variety of coffee pods to add some variety to your loved one’s daily cup of Joe. Make sure to give a nice pod variety pack, so your loved one can unwrap and use this right away!

Let there be light!

Don’t waste an outlet! These outlet covers have a built-in night light that points down to the floor where your loved one needs to see anyway.

Avoid turning on any harsh light to use the restroom at night with this convenient motion sensing toilet light.

Get a light and a closer look with this handy combination LED light and magnifying glass.

Get around easier

Help your loved one pick up items that are just out of reach with this grip and grab tool. It will help them avoid falls and frustration.

Getting in a high cabinet or shelf can be difficult. This discreet collapsible step ladder can help assist you grasp those out of reach areas. 

This portable and adjustable handle grip can give light assistance for those who have difficulty getting in and out of the car. It also can be removed when not needed.

Helpful tools

Never tie shoelaces again! These handy elastic no-tie shoelaces convert any shoe with traditional laces into a slip-on shoe, helping alleviate the tedious tying of shoelaces when our fine motor skills start to fail us. Since there are no shoelaces, this gift has the added benefit of removing a potential tripping hazard!

This handy jar and bottle opener can give a little extra torque to get that stubbornly sealed container open. This makes a great gift for a loved one and a handy tool to keep in the kitchen drawer.

This stylish and practical reading rest also has collapsible rubber pegs to keep the pages in place as you need to view them. The rest also folds flat for easy storage and transportation. Great for the kitchen or desk!

Never lose anything again… ever! Once you put a Tile locator device on your keys, bicycle, purse or phone, you can locate it anywhere!

Who wants to lug around a heavy vacuum anymore? Give your loved ones the gift of clean floors without the hassle of a traditional vacuum system.

No matter what gift you wrap this year, the most valuable gift to your loved one may be the most precious – your time. Spend time with those you love and make sure they know how much you love them. In the end, that’s the best gift of all. <3

Editor’s Note: Abri Health Care Servicesreceived no financial consideration for the promotion of the products offered in this article. We just included them because they seemed like good ideas and would be fun! 😊

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