Top 7 Activities to Start Off the New Year

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Looking for some new activities to kick off the new year? Here’s a list of our favorites for you to try.

Daily Exercise

Exercise can be one of the most important activities that we can do to stay healthy. You can start off the new year by joining a local gym or you could just go for a stroll around the block. Moving your body just 30 minutes a day can be enough to improve your health. An effective workout routine, whatever that may be, helps you be consistent in reaching your end goal of staying more healthy. If you are worried about the extent to which you can work out, contact your healthcare physician. They can recommend a program for you to put you on the right track.

senior couple biking through wooded park
grandparents and kids taking a selfie together

Enjoy Time With Visitors

Seeing family, friends and engaging with grandchildren can be a great activity to enjoy. Nothing brings greater joy to an older adult than seeing family and friends. Holidays and birthdays are always great times to visit your loved one, but the occasional surprise visit may mean more to them then you think.

Learn a New Skill

It’s never too late to learn a new skill, whether it be music, dancing or art! Get your creative juices flowing and try new things you never thought you could do. Creative activities decrease negative emotions, such as stress and anxiety. This can be an opportunity to improve your health drastically. Engaging in new skills also can help improve memory. One out of eight people over the age of 70 will struggle with memory loss. It is very important to get involved, this can help stimulate you mentally and socially and improve the quality of your life.

senior gentleman painting in class room
senior couples at book reading club

Join a Book Club

Connecting with people and making new friends can be great at any age. Creating or joining a book club can be the best way to meet new people. Reading improves sleep and delays cognitive time as well. This not only gives you something to do, but also helps you connect and socialize with people in new ways. Being around like-minded individuals will keep you entertained and can bring you much satisfaction Step out of your comfort zone and get in touch with people like never before.

Start a New Show or Movie

Watching an episode of your favorite tv show a day or a movie a week can help you relax and enjoy life. At first you may start watching television for entertainment but after a while it could turn into a hobby. A few hobbies that could come out watching television could be cooking, painting, or travel! You also might connect with other fans of the show, which can be a conversation starter.

senior man with kids watching tv
recipe book with ingredients

Create Recipes

Cooking and coming up with delicious recipes can be a fun activity that not only you enjoy, but also the people around you. Cooking can be a stress reliever and a time to relax for most people. Creating your own recipes also gives you the ability to try new things and share them with others.

Play Some Games

Many people enjoy the joy and competitiveness that comes from games whether that be board games or sporting activities. There are a plethora of games to choose from based upon your preference. Make the most out of your day by engaging in one on one gaming our in groups.

senior men playing card games in park
ladies with baby girl


Over your lifetime you may have collected hundreds of photos and shared moments. Rather than just having them sit in a box, put together a scrapbook for yourself. Scrapbooks allow you to capture and preserve these wonderful moments of your life to your family and friends. Scrapbooking does not have to be limited to pictures but can also include poems and letters.

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